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Contour, reduce cellulite, target stubborn fat and loose weight. Our body contouring services will leave you feeling and looking your best. Non-invasive treatments are extremely affective with no pain and no down time.  


Wood Therapy

Sculpt and contour your body using wood therapy techniques. Reduce cellulite and target stubborn fat with our wood therapy technique. Includes contouring gel application with thermal wrap.



Ultrasonic Cavitation

Using radio frequency technology, sound waves are used to break down stubborn fat instantly reducing inches. This gentle treatment is needed once a week. Best results are seen with 5-10 sessions.



Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy

With the use of vacuum therapy, shape, lift and get rid of unsightly dimples and cellulite. Results are seen after the 3rd session. 5 sessions are recommended. 



Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio frequency uses low energy light therapy to heat the dermis in order to stimulate collagen. This helps improve signs of wrinkles and sagging skin.



Infra-red Sauna Bed

Burn fat while relaxing in our sauna bed. We first apply our contouring gel and wrap, once completed we assist you into our 85 degree sauna bed that reaches 100 degrees within 5 minutes. Burn up tp 600 calories for the hour. 


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